Or, why should I listen to this guy?

From evading insurgents in a warzone to surviving violent crime in the streets of developing countries and closer to home, I’ve encountered and addressed a broad spectrum of security challenges. I draw from Intelligence, Military, Law Enforcement and Martial Arts training and experience.

Intelligence: Operations Officer (Clandestine Operations/Counter Terrorism), Advanced Shooting, Evasive Driving, Surveillance, Surveillance Detection, Counter-Surveillance, Apprehension Avoidance, etc.

Military: >20 years. Military Intelligence, Infantry.

Martial: 30 years training. I’ve trained Civilians, Law Enforcement,  Special Operations Forces, Intelligence Officers and children.

-Instructor Kali/Silat and Jun Fan Arts under Guro Ray Parra.  Alamo City Stick Fighting Champion.

-Blackbelt Judo. 2x Texas Collegiate Judo Champion. Texas A&M Outstanding Judo Award winner.

-Significant (years) training in Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, Jeet Kun Do, Muay Thai.

Law Enforcement: Former Austin Police Department Patrol Officer. Crime Prevention Certification. Conducted joint Counter Terrorism operations with multiple Federal Law Enforcement Organizations.

Security Industry Certification: Certified Protection Professional under ASIS International. Demonstrates proficiency in Security Principles and Practices, Investigations, Personnel Security, Information Security, Crisis Management and other aspects of security operations.