Personal Security. Stop trouble before it starts and make yourself a more difficult target. Emphasis first on prevention and then escape. Subdue fear with preparation.

Kali/Silat. Learn Filipino Martial Arts. It’s a complete system of self defense including, but not limited to single stick, double stick, stick & dagger, and unarmed techniques. Develop timing, speed, awareness, balance, agility, and confidence. Use everyday objects (umbrellas, books, pens, bandanas, etc.) as effective weapons.

Travel Security. Mitigate risk at the airport, using local transportation, safety at your hotel and moving around town or in the countryside. What to pack. Identify your destination in advance for location specific guidance. Situational awareness, self-defense, crime deterrence, anti-kidnapping, escape and evasion.

Home Security/Home Defense. Physical security audit of your home (points of entry, materials, lighting, landscaping) by a certified and experienced professional followed by in home consultation on defending your castle using the skills and tools you possess.

Youth Self-Defense. Those with the ability to defend themselves rarely have to do it. Unfortunately, children who are insecure unconsciously project their candidacy for bullying. Use verbal skills. Learn to de-escalate. Recognize when it is time for action. Learn effective self-defense. Make bullying a dissatisfying experience that minimizes future bullying attempts.